Anya Yermakova is a multi-disciplinary artist and scholar. She is particularly interested in embodied logicality bringing into salience that dynamic, relational and nonbinary notions can constitute the foundation for common sense. Using proto-rhythms and micro-rhythms as foundational units in composition and improvisation, Yermakova he employs a mix of acousmatic and acoustic composition, movement improvisation, and score-making, addressing the logicality and sense-making within indeterminacy and not-knowing. She often pulls inspiration from logical experimentalism from the pre-Soviet Russophone world as a time that was aiming to destabilize logical normativity. Anya holds a PhD from Harvard University in History of Science with a secondary field in Critical Media Practice, was previously an professor of sound at Oberlin College, has held artist residencies at Djerassi (USA), UCross (USA) and Snape Malting (UK), and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Washington University in St Louis.