We sometimes get emails, Twitter and Facebook messages asking us about the lineup for Music Tech Fest. And here’s why you won’t see one: we’re just not that sort of festival.

Music Tech Fest is absolutely full of live performance, but it’s not just a bunch of concerts. It’s the festival of music ideas.

Of course, we have famous and critically acclaimed artists at every festival - from pioneers of electronic music to world champion beatboxers, famous jazz musicians, internationally renowned classical composers and performers, dancefloor icons, punk royalty, popstars, top instrumentalists, DJs, solo artists, legendary producers and indie greats - and we’re not making their identity a secret.

We’ve had members of 808 State, Coldcut, PIL, Heaven 17, Polar Bear - people like Nitin Sawhney, Eduardo Miranda, Tim Exile, Steve Lawson, Scanner, Heen Wah-Wai, Rhian Sheehan, Rolf Gelhaar, Yazz Ahmed, Jamie Cullum, Håkan Lidbo, Ross Flight, Reeps One, Jason Singh, Mark Towers, Shlomo… Many of them will be back for #MTFBerlin and there’ll be loads more besides. But nobody comes to Music Tech Fest and simply plays their set. That’s just not how it works.

They’re not there to entertain you. They’re there to jam with you, to invent with you, create new types of musical experiences, to share their musical ideas and get involved in all manner of collaborations, experiments and improvisations. Of course, they’ll generally get up on stage and perform too, but that’s the icing on the cake - and it’s almost never what you’d expect.

We’ll generally let you know who’s coming (though you can expect some surprises too), and sometimes our enthusiasm gets the better of us and we’ll say “Guess who’s coming to play at Music Tech Fest!”.

But when we say “Guess who’s coming to play at Music Tech Fest!” we don’t mean they’re going to do a concert. We mean they’re coming to play.

Strictly limited #MTFBerlin earlybird tickets are on sale from next Friday, 12th February.