Hey MTFers!

My name is Anne Dvinge and I am a lapsed academic, music geek, entrepreneur, dog owner and bionic woman… in no specific order.

I hail out of Copenhagen, Denmark, where I live with my husband, Casper, and my dog, Katsu (yes, we are aware it means a small, panko-breaded, schnitzel - if you saw my dog, it would make sense..). This is also where I run my startup, Low-Fi, an online community for user-generated, intimate concerts.

Low-Fi started as an inspiration from my research. I’ve for years been preoccupied with what happens, when we take music out of the “venue” and into spaces that aren’t built for music and concerts. I’ve worked a lot with urban space, but at some point I discovered the home concert format and fell in love. As an academic, you’re not really supposed to fall in love with your research subject, so I decided to leave academia and just try to build a tool that would enable more people to host, attend and perform home concerts.

To me music is sense making, a way to understand and describe the world. How we think it is, how we would like it to be… And it’s not just the composers and the musicians that partake in that descriptive moment; we all do.

At home concerts, that moment of co-creation and conversation becomes so much more obvious and focused. Here you are, sat on a couch among mostly strangers, with a musician six feet away. Everyone takes responsibility for the moment and the conversation becomes multi-voiced and complex.

The multi-voiced and complex is also one of the reasons Music Tech Fest is one of my favorite things to be part of. I missed out on the first few ones, but attended Umeå in 2015 and Berlin in 2016. But this is the first time I am joining the hack camp and I’m super excited about this. I have no real tech skills, but I’m techurious (I just coined that I think - you are totally welcome to use it!) and still remember how to solder.

Oh, and the bionic woman part? Well, I’m an amputee since birth, fully embracing my cyborgness with a 3D printed fairing for the lower leg of my prosthesis… and MTFers, I am absolutely up for hacking my leg!

Look forward to some amazing days and people in September - see you there!