Hello, my name is Andrea Cerrato and I’m from Milan, Italy.

My passion for music was born when I took my first pair of drumsticks, but over time my interest has expanded and I now have a more technical-electronic approach to music.

I don’t really love labels like ‘audio engineer’ or ‘sound designer’, but let’s just say that as I work in the audio field I could be considered an audio maker (it’s a little bit vague, I know, but I’m sure that it’s better it stays that way). I’m resident artist at AGON Contemporary Music Centre in Milan and member of the Reihe Laptop Ensemble with which I play in music live performances.

I love the endless possibilities offered by a DIY approach and open tools like micro-controllers, single-board computers and sound programming softwares. Themes like bio-hacking, cyber culture and trans-humanism fascinate me a lot as they represent the evolution of a vision that some years ago was only possible in the sci-fi realm.

To balance the obsession for sounds I had to find another passion to deal with: here comes photography. I usually take pictures of architecture, better if they’re abandoned dark factories you have to sneak into. I tend to give the viewer his own space of interpretation whilst trying not to choose classic subjects from standard perspectives.

I’m currently working on a couple of projects, trying to develop an approach that could associate images and sounds. The first is a collection of sonified photos based on how reality could have different meanings when altered: a sort of psychedelic incubator of thoughts. It’s currently under development.

For the second one there’s instead a still evolving idea about an audio time-lapse, born during an inspired night in a pub with beer, a musician and a photographer.

Other ideas are only intangible sparks in the head.

I like to explore lots of topics at once and link them together. Less watertight compartments, more free fluxes. More scientists among artists and artists among scientists. From my past experiences Music Tech Fest is the true expression of this, through that never-ending learning approach to our everyday experience.

I’ll join the Creative Labs along with many special people. So excited to be part of it, see you in Stockholm!