Hello, my name is Amor Amezcua. I am a 21 year old music apprentice from Tijuana, Mexico.

I have a band called Mint Field where I currently compose and perform as the drummer. We came together in 2015 and we’ve played in festivals like Coachella, SXSW, Desert Daze and toured around the world as well. I recently started an independent record label in Tijuana with the purpose of helping artists get their music heard and viewed.

I also have a solo project called Myuné which is mostly an atmospheric mixture of electronic music, theremin and melodic drums. This project is mainly why I am interested in Music Tech Fest. I want to find the perfect mixture between live performances and visual interpretations using the right technology. I believe live performances should be given the right amount of thought and work to give the public a life changing experience or at least some kind of motivation. I am interested in innovative ways to show this. At MTF Stockholm I am looking for inspiration and hopefully people I can work with in the future, I am sure I will.

I can’t wait to meet all of you in September!
See you soon!