Hello, we are Alex&Marina, a curatorial duo mainly based in Moscow, Russia. This time we would like to introduce an exhibition of the new technical jewelry by a talented media artist Anastasia Alekhina. Here’s the story.

In the XIX century, under the influence of the tuberculosis epidemic, the idea of «body image» was developed and presented for the first time. A new image of aristocratic appearance was created. The romanticization of tuberculosis is the first popular example of a very modern trend — the «construction» of personality as an image.

Nowadays the idea of individuality is an essential attribute of any person, and most of us spend a lot of time and effort to create a personal image of our body, a «personal brand». In the future, I believe, this trend will become even more widespread, and the concept of «beauty» will continue to change.

Mandibula&Rubor are luminous decorative objects that are designed to be worn in the mouth. They are made of orthodontic plates, medical silicone, electronic components and batteries. Through these devices I am projecting a possible scenario of development of beauty trends in the near future. The geometry of the face and its sensation have been changed. Perhaps it is not “beautiful” in the ordinary sense, but is definitely attractive aesthetically. These devices bring us closer to a time when it will be possible to implant light sources and other electronic components into the body, just “for appearance”, as, for example, piercings nowadays.