Hi - We’re Alex, Johannes and Jeffrey, a diverse team of global innovation designers and recent graduates from the Royal College of Art & Imperial College London. We share the vision that humanity’s greatest challenges can only be solved through collective intelligence.

So together we’ve created augmented thinking, a web-based platform for collaborative problem-solving.

Our current digital tools can’t deal with the complex, multi-dimensional, and interconnected nature of today’s challenges. They don’t allow us to see the bigger picture. They arrange information in lists and grids, organisational structures that don’t convey a deeper meaning.

How can knowledge workers — innovators, researchers, politicians, academics — effectively address our world’s problems using inadequate tools? As students & researchers, we often work in fields in which we have limited or no prior knowledge. It’s difficult given today’s disconnected resources to effectively come up to speed and work closely with experts on innovative designs sensitive to context.

With a global community of hackers, philosophers and researchers we are developing an open, digital knowledge space that promotes collaborative problem-solving.

Using Artificial Intelligence with a human-in-the-loop approach, we seek to redefine (1) information discovery, (2) sense-making and (3) sharing in order to generate new ideas, insights, and knowledge. This is achieved by integrating these three activities into one seamless workflow that enables a clear, continuous and effective thinking process.

Augmented thinking allows people to tackle the complex nature of today’s problems by enhancing the research process. Information discovery takes into account a user’s Knowns and Unknowns. Unique information visualisations help users understand complexity by revealing connections, patterns, and the larger context in which they’re situated. Users can follow step-by-step learning pathways and change medium to accommodate different learning styles. All this can be done collaboratively as we firmly believe in collective and interpersonal efforts – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

A unified platform augmented thinking supports vertical and lateral thinking for effective, cross-disciplinary problem-solving.

At Music Tech Fest, we’ll conduct experiments and run speculative design sprints on future spatial interfaces using augmented-, mixed- or virtual reality. We’re looking forward to meet, mingle and collaborate with artists, designers, and makers, who are passionate about creating impact.

We hope to see you soon in Stockholm!

Also, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us before MTF Stockholm if you share our vision or want to collaborate. You can find out more about us at www.augmented-thinking.ai

Alexander, Johannes & Jeffrey