Hi! I am Ajin Tom, a first year graduate student in Music Technology at Schulich School of Music, McGill University, Canada. I completed my B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka (NIT Surathkal), India. I am currently pursuing a research project with Prof.Joshua Reiss at the Centre for Digital Music, London on the MITACS Fellowship.

I have always been fascinated with using scientific creativity to explore new possibilities in the development of my artistic and technological endeavors. I bring a strong love for music; being an avid musician and a passionate engineer, I developed a healthy interest in Sound Engineering and Music Technology, encouraging interaction between musical creation, technology and research.

My experience in the fields of Embedded Systems Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence and Audio Signal Processing have led me to carry out several research projects in the following areas, which I specialize in:

  • Gestural controlled Digital Music Instruments and Interfaces
  • Digital Sound Synthesis, Audio Analysis & Processing
  • Sound design, Audio Effects Programming, Acoustics modelling
  • Spatial audio and Automatic Mixing

On the musical front, I spent most of my time in Sound Design, composing and producing tracks for prolific music videos, games and short films. I have been playing the Piano and Guitar for the last 18 years and I got to be part of several music groups and bands: Pentatnoics (Keyboards), The Cable Nerds (Guitar), TwoJOs and MnD (Synth). As a band, we toured all around India and Middle East Asia showcasing our music through live gigs, music videos and Battle-of-Bands competitions. My experience with state-of-the-art mixing consoles, recording equipment and workstations enabled me to lend my skills as sound engineer for diverse live shows in India, Germany, Oman and Canada.

This summer my friend, Ankita and I participated in the World Music Hackathon and ended up winning the design competition thus securing our invitation to MTF Stockholm. We are really exited to showcase our Haptic Tutor project, which is a Vibro-tactile system that makes it easier to learn a musical instrument.

Very excited to experience MTF Stockholm! See you all!