I am Abhishek Maji. I am from West Bengal, India. I currently live in Stockholm and it’s almost one year now. I am a foodie person. I like to taste foods from around the world. I like to play and watch football. I am a fan of Manchester United.

Although I am bit shy, I like to meet people across the globe. I often like to take myself beyond my comfort zone to discover what is hidden in me. I have interest in watching art movies and listening to music. In fact, listening to music is my girlfriend.

Okay, let me tell you why I feel so. As I grow up, I gradually discover the fact that music always brings freshness to my mood irrespective of my current state of mind. That’s why I love music so much, typically the soft ones. I love to travel as well. Above all, I love to study. I love to study Electrical Engineering and Physics.

I am currently pursuing master’s in Electrical Power Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. I am also a research and development engineer at ABB SE FACTS. So, I study to learn advanced technologies and I work to implement what I have studied in school and it’s a continuous never-ending process.

After my master’s, I would like to start my PhD because I love doing research. I have already done several research projects on power electronics converters and their control, electrical machines and drives, FACTS systems etc. Currently I am working on optimizing a power electronic converter that will result in cost reduction of that converter up to 15%.

I have already mentioned why I am so close to music. To me, music is beyond an art form and cultural activity. Music is something that makes me happy, that makes people happy. So, being an Electrical engineer, I love to contribute to the happiness of the mankind by making electronic music. I believe power electronics and control can be applied to make electronic music.

When I have started studying power electronics, it is introduced to me from power transmission, distribution and conversion point of view. Soon I have realized similar principles can also be applied in making electronic music and this is something I want to explore in my further studies. I already have some ideas that can be implemented to make electronic music. Sometimes I feel if I could convert electromagnetic noises into some musical form, it would have been simply great.

Therefore, I have taken MTF Stockholm as an opportunity to connect to some of the greatest people across the globe who are already involved in similar activities, share my ideas with them and listen to them and many more. I am excited to meet all of you in MTF Stockholm, 2018.

Look forward to seeing you in September!