We could tell you what we’ve been up to at Music Tech Fest Scandinavia, but then we’d have to kill you…

It’s been so hard to keep this under wraps - but we’re finally going to be unveiling our top secret project at #MTFScandi. We’ve invented a whole new format for music. And we’re not talking proof of concept prototype - this is the full commercial launch of a whole new way of experiencing, owning and collecting music.

What we can tell you is that it looks great, sounds great, you can hold it in your hands, and it puts money directly into the pockets of artists. It combines cutting edge technology with joy of music discovery and acquisition as a social, real space phenomenon. It brings back music as personal identity and as art object. It even smells good.

It’s for hardcore digital enthusiasts and vinyl junkies alike. If you love music, this is for you.

The first ever release on this brand new format for music will be showcased at the festival - and you’ll be able to buy the exclusive, limited edition release that weekend. It’s by one of our favourite independent and critically acclaimed London artists. We’ll be following it closely with a bunch more exclusive releases by some of your favourite artists.

Make sure you’re at #MTFScandi 29-31 May at Sliperiet at the Arts Campus in Umeå, Sweden to get your hands on this exclusive first issue.