MIT Media Lab Director’s Fellow Viktoria Modesta posted an article on the MIT website about her experience as part of #MTFLabs: Performance and Body at #MTFBerlin.

In her words:

It was a brilliant community of people ranging from neuroscientists to musicians, to projection mapping and fashion designers. It was an orchestra of mediums, and with all the collaborative excitement surrounding us, we had to push it to the max.

If you’re interested in finding out more about some of the cutting edge creative technologists and artists mentioned by Viktoria in her article, then check out the work of Portuguese neurotechnology arts organisation MuArts, Austrian/Australian #MusicBricks innovators GIRD, German sound artist Arielle Esther, French/Spanish projection mapping specialists and creative developers Hand Coded, and fashion technologists and costume designers Winde Rienstra (Netherlands) and Joanna Hir (Poland/UK) - all of whom are consistently creating world class work you should get to know.

Read Viktoria’s article here.

And if you haven’t watched it yet, check out Body Hack - the documentary about #MTFLabs: Performance + Body directed by award-winning film maker Sheila Hayman, and produced by MIT Media Lab.