MTF Stockholm is the first multi-gender innovation event that puts women in the lead of every technology area and features 50% women right across the board.

Music Tech Fest is the pioneering global festival of music ideas and a giant creative innovation laboratory that gathers experts from science and art to reinvent tools, instruments and interactive environments for play and for industry. After five years as a nomadic festival with 10 major events all over the world, MTF sets anchor in Stockholm at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 3 - 9 September.

The festival is the first multi-gender innovation event that puts WOMEN IN THE LEAD of every technology area.

It brings together AI, Robotics, Neuroscience, Data, Fashion Tech, VR, Blockchain tech and much more. The global MTF community features the top creative minds across all industry and academic sectors, and is highly diverse and completely inclusive.

For this reason, Music Tech Fest is 50% Women.

This is a time of enormous change and huge paradigm shifts. We can’t afford to miss out on any intelligence or perspectives. We believe that if more women were in charge of decision making, the world would be a richer and fairer place - and that if women are at the forefront and more visible in the mainstream of technology, we’ll create the tools to make this better world possible.

MTF features cutting edge performance with the latest technologies, live hands on invention, and industry showcases that connect artists, technologists and business in a vibrant environment. It boasts a 24-hour hack camp with 150 participants, creative labs, showcases of new technologies, a music tech ‘playground’ featuring vintage recording gear as well as the latest synths and gadgets, educational areas for families, sonic art installations, industry keynotes and much more. Unique collaborations, new works created on site, premieres of future technology, and a visionary community make each event an exciting landmark gathering.

There are already innovation events aimed exclusively at women, but Music Tech Fest is unique in putting women in the lead right across the board within a multi-gender space. This is not just about having more women on panels. Music Tech Fest is 50% women researchers, engineers, artists, scientists, hackers, makers, industry representatives and attendees. Stockholm is the perfect location to make this happen. As they say here: it’s A Woman’s Place.

Women in the lead at MTF Stockholm:

  • Imogen Heap has chosen MTF Stockholm for the launch of her Mycelia World Tour and will lead a week-long laboratory on blockchain tech.
  • The festival features Tekla workshops to teach technology skills to girls - an initiative by Swedish pop star Robyn.
  • Internet research pioneer Nancy Baym leads the research symposium.
  • BBC technology presenter LJ Rich hosts the 24-hour hack camp.
  • Robotics professor Danica Kragic and fashion tech designer Anouk Wipprecht present a five-day innovation lab in a decommissioned nuclear reactor chamber.
  • NASA scientist and musical instrument designer Kelly Snook hosts the 24-hour creative labs tackling challenges of Radical Inclusion.
  • Florida multimedia artist Synthestruct (Ginger Leigh) creates and curates the sound art experiences in the MTF Space.

Watch out for further announcements of incredible women in the lead, including a rising star of industry innovation, a champion of sustainable cities, and a veteran of open innovation.